Solar panels are one of the cleanest renewable energy sources out there. In spite of our efforts to turn our school into a more environmentally friendly place, The Gaia Project has donated a number of solar panels to the school.

After these panels were donated, we as students, decided to put them to use in the old greenhouse (click here to learn about the new greenhouse). ​In the old greenhouse, we're using LED grow lights to grow our plants. Each of these lights take 40 Watts to run. 

The solar panels that were donated are 40 Watt solar panels. Therefore, each solar panel can power one LED grow light. That's not the end of the story, however.


The LED lights required money to power (before the solar panels). We hope to put this money that we're saving, by using the solar panels, back into the greenhouse by purchasing even more alternative energy sources.  Over time, using this method, we plan to get the old greenhouse entirely off the grid.

After the greenhouse is off the grid we hope to put this same plan into action but for the school instead. Getting the school off the grid would be amazing but it all starts with the solar panels donated by The Gaia Project.

Solar Energy