Mobile Ideaspace

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

A few months ago we discovered some limitations when trying to access certain sites and programs on our school network (internet). As our district IT support team worked diligently to problem solve for solutions, an opportunity appeared in the form of our local community college. The parent of one of the students in our technology class suggested the use of the NBCC St. Andrews Mobile Ideaspace, a 21st Century Technology Learning Centre. They had been established in multiple NBCC locations by Dr. Bill McIver. With a few e-mails, our class had a network we could program on.

The Mobile Ideaspace has incredible technology, including multiple laptops with up to two monitors connected to them, using Windows, Linux, and Apple software. There is also a Smart Board that can be used to video call with other NBCC colleges, as well as a few webcams and microphones for creating quality videos. We are extremely excited and feel very honoured to able use this state of the art resource centre.

We hope the Mobile Ideaspace will continue to open doors in our pursuit to achieve all of our technology goals. We are so grateful to the NBCC staff that have allowed us the opportunity, and we will keep you posted as to what we achieve at the NBCC Mobile Ideaspace.

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