Window Vents

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

In order to improve the automation, air quality, and efficiency of our greenhouse, we recently installed two auto-opening vents in the two windows in our greenhouse. We purchased the vents from a company called J. Orbesen Teknik APS, located in Denmark. Yes, the European one. We decided to order them from this company, despite the distance, because they are the best quality vent of their kind. So far, we have been more than satisfied with the quality.

The first vent we purchased is the Gigavent® (left photo), which is designed for large windows that deal with strong winds. Being a coastal town in Atlantic Canada, having a high window means wanting the best quality vent to deal with the wind. The second vent we purchased was the Megavent® (right photo), designed with medium-sized windows in mind. Both vents were installed by our BBT (Broad Basic Technology) students and community volunteers. Both vents open automatically to regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse. 

We hope this vents will continue to improve the quality of our greenhouse. If you are interested in buying a temperature-automated window vent, visit:

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