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Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Recently, three students were given the opportunity to represent our project at an "Innovation in Education" event in Fredericton. We had the chance to share our ideas and our goals with other students being recognized from all over the province. Here's what our students had to say about the event:

Alex Khoshbaktian- "Last month, a few representatives from Sir James Dunn Academy were invited to the Innovation in Education Gala at Bliss Carman Middle School in Fredericton, where projects from all over the province were on display to showcase the scientific achievements being made by students in New Brunswick. We were there to present our greenhouse to the public and to some potential donors to our project. We were visited by many guests who were fascinated by the ways we had implemented modern technology into our greenhouse, including a few who have expressed interest in partnering with us in this project. In the evening, we attended an award ceremony where we were presented with a certificate for our use of innovation in education which was accompanied by a thousand-dollar grant to further our work in the greenhouse. "

Raeghan O'Leary- "The day started off with setting up our expo table. We took a tomato and apple tree graft plant that we're both at top condition to show off as proof of our large plants. Along with other gardening supplies such as grafting tools and a UV light we brought our Raspberry Pi computer to display our plans for monitoring the greenhouse using technology. 3D printed objects that we have made were also on exhibit, such as a replica of our green space. Once set up our team ventured around looking at other schools amazing and creative projects, learning ourselves what more we could do with our 3D printers and computers. There was then an open house that allowed the community to come in and see everyone's projects. We answered questions about our greenhouse and educated people on how to grow their own plants at home from seed or from us once purchased. After supper we attended an awards banquet where schools with leading edge projects were awarded $1000 dollars to continue their endeavours. Unsuspectedly our school was chosen for the Brilliant Labs Innovation in Education Award, along with the grant. We had a great day full of learning, surprises, and celebration due to our hard work. "

Nathaniel Osbourne- "The innovation in education ceremony was a good opportunity for our greenhouse project to get out there in the community. It allowed us to meet other people with cool and new innovative ideas for the future. It allowed us to make stronger connections through people working with Brilliant Labs which will hopefully allow us to partner with them in the future. We also brainstormed new ideas while we were there to bring home with us to use for ourselves. All in all the ceremony was a huge success and helped us receive recognition for our recent accomplishments. "

We really appreciated being awarded and recognized in such an incredible way. Meeting other students, and sharing our passion, is one of the many reason why we love doing what we do.

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