The New Greenhouse

What's better than one greenhouse? A second one that's bigger and better! Our new greenhouse is currently in the process of being built. Due to the winter months, the progress has come to a halt . In the spring of 2020, however, our new greenhouse will be in action. 

The old greenhouse was and still is great, yet with all of the sales on our homegrown plants, we needed more space. After lots of fundraising and generous donations by many groups, we now have another, bigger green house. 

So the plan with the old greenhouse is to make it a 24/7 propagation room. This is kind of like an elementary school for the plants, and the new greenhouse is the high school. All of our mature plants will be in the new greenhouse after growing in the old one. 

Having both the old and new greenhouse at our disposal enables us to grow plants in a more efficient manner. This then will increase plant production and we can have more inventory due to the extra space. 

The new greenhouse is going to allow for an explosion of new opportunities for students and we can't thank all of our generous sponsors enough. 

Thank you to,

The Tamarack Charitable Foundation

The Sir James Dunn Foundation

The Kiwanis Club of St. Andrews, NB

Town of St. Andrews, NB

The Fundy Community Foundation

The New Brunswick Society of Retired Teachers