Coming Spring 2020

New Brunswick Nature Trust

After discovering our Greenhouse Project, Cheyanne, the Engagement Organizer at New Brunswick Nature Trust, reached out to us, asking if we would collaborate with them to complete a restoration day at the Pagan Point Nature Preserve in Saint Andrews.  The area is highly subject to vandalism and there have been cases where people will cut down the trees on the preserve for fire wood.  Because of this, we, together, are hoping to restore the area with some hardwood species to restore the natural canopy. 

 It will be a great opportunity for the students to take part in a restoration project in their area. 
There would be roughly 40 students involved in the restoration project (four classes of 10-12 students who have decided to help). Restoring the Pagan Point Nature Preserve in Saint Andrews will give students an invaluable cross-curricular learning experience and leadership opportunity. Taking responsibility and ownership in the restoration and preservation of the province's largest shell midden will create memories that our students will never forget!

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