Students Feed Students

Food Security has become a major issue in our Province. After seeing many of our friends and fellow community members come to school hungry, we decided to do something about it. We wanted to make sure they had access to healthy food.

Six students from SJDA committed to growing healthy produce for their peers during the Summer months. Cherry tomato plants from our greenhouse were set aside for them to maintain at their homes. Some of the revenue earned from our plant sales was used to provide them with all of the growing resources needed. This experience gave students an opportunity to learn how to take care of plants on their own. We have embraced education and understand the importance of creating learning opportunities outside of school hours!

In September, we brought the cherry tomato plants back to school, readily available for all students to eat from (the picture in the top right corner was taken on September 14, 2018).

"More than one in five children in New Brunswick live in households struggling to put food on the table, according to a new report by a University of Toronto research team. Valerie Tarasuk, the team's principal investigator and a nutritional sciences professor at the university's faculty of medicine, said such food insecurity could lead to health problems and is a damning statement on social assistance. 'What we hope is that policymakers start to take a look at their policies through this lens, because there's enough known about this problem now,' she said.
The national report, released on Tuesday (April 5, 2016), found 21 per cent of New Brunswick children under the age of 18 were in "food insecure" households in 2014.
The findings are based on information gathered by Statistics Canada through the Canadian Community Health Survey, which asks Canadians a series of questions about their ability to afford food." 
- Karin Reid-LeBlanc, CBC

You can view the entire article here 

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