Who Are We?


 With hard work and determination we have learned to run and market our own business. Through creative teaching and the collaboration with environmental experts in our community, we have created an opportunity to fund our green ideas and discover something we are passionate about.


Having out-of-the-ordinary classroom and extra-curricular learning experiences has encouraged us to started thinking outside the box. Our ideas and aspirations have changed the way we view our environment and community, and what our country can be like for generations to come.


Most importantly, the leaders of this business are students. This project has provided hands-on, cross-curricular, learning experiences that have taught us critical life skills for the future. By allowing us to run with our ideas, we have been given the opportunity to become strong leaders and members of our communities.

Our Mission

Our student-led committee for The Greenhouse Project has created a plan to optimize our learning experiences, and achieve our greenest goals. Your purchases will help us achieve this. 

Our first goal was to create a fully-functional outdoor greenhouse. Through your generosity, this has been completed! Our plans for the greenhouse do not stop here, however. A technology class at our school will be spending this semester learning how to build and code a system that will make the greenhouse completely automatic: our hope is that any manual controls will be accessible from your average smartphone. We plan to have automatic lighting, heat, and water systems all through one small device called a Raspberry Pi. To learn more about Raspberry Pi, click here.

Second, we have created another incredible, earth-friendly objective. With the help of grants, donations, and the revenue from this project, we want to take our greenhouse completely off the grid!  The entire greenhouse would be run off of solar panels on the roof of our propagation room. This will provide us with more engineering and computer science learning opportunities, including the installation and daily management of the alternative energy system.

Thirdly, we would like to explore the opportunity of creating a ten year plan to get our entire school off the grid. Though this goal is much more far-fetched, it has the potential to have an incredible environmental and economic impact on our province, nation, and world! If one student-led committee is able to start an initiative that can supply their school entirely from green energy, other students, schools, communities, and governments will know it's possible. Imagine a nation turning their education system into completely green, self-sustaining, environmental and economically beneficial learning centres and communities!

As a whole, we have a desire to make a positive and powerful change across the globe. Our mission is to save and preserve our world, one plant at a time.